Dilani (or Dil) graduated from the University of Melbourne with a Doctor of Physiotherapy. Her love for holistic health and wellness makes her passionate about rehabilitating injuries, but also conditioning bodies to prevent injury reoccurrence.

During her studies, Dilani took a special interest in Pilates and its ability to fine tune the body’s movement patterns and ability to take on everyday tasks. She completed an internship in Los Angeles where she was lucky to learn from leading Pilates-based injury rehabilitation physiotherapists, and has completed additional training in Clinical Pilates.


Her interest in exercise and sports has also lead her to work with local football clubs and sports teams. Dilani’s treatment style includes a combination of hands-on and exercise therapy. She aims to empower patients to self-manage their conditions whilst continuing to do what matters to them most.


In her down-time, Dilani keeps active through a range of activities including social netball, reformer Pilates, yoga, running, and gym-based weight training. She loves to get outdoors, especially with her dog Ferb. She is a proud Sri Lankan-Australian and speaks fluent Sinhalese, but fun fact: she was born and raised in New Zealand for the first 7 years of her life. Go All Blacks!



Lewis graduated with a Master of Physiotherapy from Flinders University in 2014 after previously completing his Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at the University of Ballarat in 2012.

Lewis has since been working in a private practice treating a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. He has been running classes in both Clinical Pilates and Hydrotherapy, taking

clients to the gym, and utilising his skills in dry needling.


Lewis treats patients with a combination of hands-on and exercise therapy. His areas of interest are in exercise prescription and health promotion and he is passionate about empowering clients to reach their goals and manage their condition/s through education and individualised exercise therapy.


Lewis is passionate about Clinical Pilates as an effective modality for reducing pain, improving function and empowering self-management.


Outside of work he enjoys going for a run and is planning his long distance events for this year.




Laura graduated with a Doctor of physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne and has since completed postgraduate training in Pelvic Floor physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Prior to this she completed a Bachelor of Medical Research with Honours so is committed to keeping up to date with the best evidence for treatment and education for a range of different conditions.

Since graduating Laura has worked for a period in public health looking after a mix of patients including rehabilitation from hip and knee replacements, fracture clinics, postoperative and intensive care physiotherapy, chronic pain and pelvic floor physiotherapy during and post pregnancy and throughout the life span. She has also worked for VAFA football teams and in general private practice during her career. Currently she is solely working in private practice and loves the balance of Pilates and clinical work.


Laura is passionate about the benefits of appropriate exercise and the power of movement in optimizing both physical and mental health. Her unique skill set and pelvic floor training enables her to develop exercises specific for pregnancy and post partum, post prostatectomy and pelvic pain however this knowledge is also translatable to any client and wonderful information to be able to impart.


Laura also actively engages in pelvic floor research working with Monash University to investigate the impact of pelvic floor dysfunction post gynecological cancer.


When not working she enjoys heading to the gym, bush walking and popping home to Tasmania to see family as often as possible!




Stephanie graduated from La Trobe University in 2011 and is both a physiotherapist and DMA trained Pilates instructor with an experienced background as a Checetti method


As a long term dancer herself, she understands the importance of correcting compensatory movement patterns, often adopted by those with injuries, before they become a long term problem. She puts a key focus towards looking at the body holistically whether it be general posture, injury management or pre/post natal.


Stephanie has worked locally and nationally with a variety of different sports including local football clubs, dance groups, netball and cross fit. Internationally she has toured Canada and the United States with a dance ensemble and has spent the last 2 years working in the private sector in London.


Stephanie is available for hands on physiotherapy appointment at the clinic or pilates appointments at the studio.