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Do you suffer headaches?

Updated: Apr 15

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Headache is one of the most common health-related conditions in Australia, with around 15% of us taking pain-relieving medication for a headache at any given time. It is likely that nearly all of us will experience headache during our lifetime. People of any age can be affected, but people between the ages of 25 and 44 years are more likely to report having a headache. There are many possible causes of headaches. These may include:

  • Acute injury to the neck (e.g. whiplash)

  • Biomechanical dysfunction (joints not moving properly and muscle imbalances)

  • Stress & tension related (including muscle tightness, jaw clenching)

  • Postural misalignment leading to referral of pain from tight muscles/joints in the neck

  • Secondary to poor ergonomics including desk, bike, sleeping.

  • Related to food intake

  • Other causes - if medical we may refer you on to your Doctor or Dentist

Who should I see for headaches?


  • Postural/ biomechanical assessment of the spine

  • Hands on treatment to structures in neck & back to improve alignment and normal movement

  • Soft tissue therapy and dry needling

  • Education on work station set up

  • Exercise programme to enhance postural alignment or muscle strength


  • Soft tissue massage including sports or relaxation massage

  • Myotherapists can also perform dry needling/cupping


  • Education on maintaining blood sugar levels

  • Adequate hydration strategies

  • Education on adequate micronutrients including vitamins and minerals

  • Food allergies and substitutions

If you suffer from headaches and want to understand your condition along with the root cause, book an appointment with one of our practitioners who will work with you to treat the cause. Our team work together to cover all areas of your treatment and we value keeping you active during your rehabilitation with a strong emphasis on helping you fully understand your condition.

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