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Dietitian / Nutritionist

Dietitians are medical professionals who provide expert nutrition advice to people of all ages and help people understand the relationship between food and health. ⁠
In Australia, dietitians must hold a university level degree in dietetics, and have completed many hours of supervised practice. Dietitians are qualified to work in many areas, including hospital, private medical practices, research, public health, or the food industry. ⁠

Why should I see a dietitian? ⁠

An appointment with a dietitian will be individualised to your needs, and they will assist you in making and achieving goals related to nutrition and health. 

A number of medical conditions can be managed or treated with assistance from a dietitian, including but not limited to:

• Food allergy ⁠
• High cholesterol ⁠
• Irritable bowel syndrome ⁠
• Diabetes ⁠
• Weight management⁠

Dietitians are also able to provide assistance in sport, in improving overall health and supporting diet and lifestyle change. You do not need to be unwell to see a dietitian and in fact, many athletes use a dietitian to maximise their performance and energy levels.!

Dietitian appointments may be partly covered by Private Health and/or Medicare if you have a Chronic Disease Management plan. Dietitian appointments can also be covered through NDIS funding or Department of Veteran Affairs.

What does an appointment look like? ⁠

During your appointment, in addition to talking about food, your dietitian may ask you about your health, medical history, medication, lifestyle, personal goals, stress levels and sleep habits. Understanding the way that all of these factors impact you and your nutritional intake is important to help establish goals for your care. 

Your dietitian will work with you over a series of appointments to support you in achieving your nutrition and lifestyle goals. The recommended number of sessions and plan will be discussed in your appointment. They will support you with the tools and knowledge you need to improve your nutritional intake and diet quality.  




After completing a Bachelor of Health Science at The University of Queensland, Kayla made the move to Melbourne to study a Master of Dietetics at Monash University. Since then Kayla has continued her study at Monash University by undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy in Gastroenterology and Extreme’s Physiology.

During her studies, Kayla has built upon her interests in all thing’s gut health and preventative practice. This has led to Kayla researching the impact that varying nutrition interventions have on preventing gastrointestinal related disease, particularly in ultra-endurance athletes and military personnel.

Kayla’s gut health research has gained international traction and will be presented at several global conferences and events this year.

In her spare time Kayla enjoys going for a surf and a snorkel, trail running, training at her favourite powerlifting gym, oil painting, and experimenting in the kitchen!

Kayla provides dietitian consultations on Wednesdays at In Stride Health Clinic.



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