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Myotherapy, cupping glasses lined up on patients back


A Myotherapist is a trained allied health professional registered with a nationally recognised assoiatio who treats muscle and joint-related pain and dysfunction.  

These conditions include but are not limited to: 

  • Neck and/or back pain

  • Headaches

  • Sporting injuries

  • Muscle and/or joint pain

  • Postural dysfunction

  • Oedema (swelling)

Myotherapy is a form of physical therapy which utilises a range of manual therapies and soft tissue techniques to treat a wide array of musculoskeletal (muscle and joint) conditions. Myotherapy extends beyond massage and incorporates a deeper understanding of the human body, anatomy and physiology into its massage techniques and other manual therapy

During your treatment, our myotherapists will conduct an assessment to ascertain the factors contributing to your condition and develop a treatment plan to help alleviate these. 

Your treatment may include: 

  • Dry needling: the insertion of needles into muscle “knots” to reduce pain and tension

  • Cupping: the lifting of fascial tissue ivia suction within plastic cups in order to reduce adhesions and joint restriction

  • Muscle energy techniques: utilising gentle isometric muscle contractions to increase a joint’s range of motion

  • Soft tissue therapies including remedial massage and trigger point therapy

  • Manual lymphatic drainage: a slow and light form of massage used to promote the movement of lymphatic fluid and reduce swelling

Re-assessments will be conducted during and after your treatment to confirm the improvements made. 


Following your treatment our myotherapists will give you personalised exercises and stretches to do at home and, if needed, show you how to modify some of your daily activities in order to continue the improvement of your condition and reduce the chance of its recurrence. 


Our myotherapy appointments include 30, 45 and 60 minute treatments and are health care rebatable.  Gift vouchers are available.


In Stride Health Clinic

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Ph: (03) 9372 8091

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