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Woman participating in clinical Pilates being guided by Pilates instructor

Clinical Pilates
Ascot Vale

What sets In Stride Health Clinic apart from many other clinics is our purpose built rehabilitation and pilates Ascot Vale studio.  Your treatment will go beyond simply hands on treatment to include an exercise and rehabilitation program designed specifically for you by your physiotherapist.  Your program will be targeted to ensure that you achieve a full recovery from injury and reach your functional goals, whether that be running your first marathon or returning to full time work after a back injury. 

Your program will be tailored to fit into your routine so can be performed either at home, with your physiotherapist in our gym space or in one of our small groups. Your program can include both clinical pilates, strength training and stretching.  We also provide GLA:D (Osteoarthritis programs) and PINC (Cancer recovery programs), read below for more information.

Clinical Pilates Programs for All

We specialise in clinical pilates classes designed to address specific rehabilitation needs and enhance overall fitness. Our expert instructors offer tailored remedial pilates sessions to target individual concerns, ensuring personalised care and optimal results. With a focus on clinical expertise, our clinical reformer pilates programs utilising state-of-the-art equipment to maximize strength, flexibility, and rehabilitation benefits. Whether you're looking for pilates in Moonee Ponds or pilates in Pascoe Vale, we welcome you to our Ascot Vale clinic where you can explore our comprehensive services to cater to your diverse needs, promoting wellness and vitality for all.

Pilates Clinic In Ascot Vale & surrounds

Our clinic is based in Ascot Vale but we have welcomed clients from Moonee Ponds, Pascoe Vale & surrounding suburbs to try out our clinical pilates reformer programs.

Clinical Pilates & Remedial Pilates Ascot Vale:

Pilates is a form of exercise that teaches your body how to move efficiently while strengthening your core, building stability, and improving your posture and fitness.

The term “Clinical pilates” refers to the use of pilates exercises to specifically address imbalances in your body that can cause injury and dysfunction. Our physiotherapists use pilates techniques to re-educate you how to move and improve your technique and avoid injury.

We use clinical pilates to:

  • Treat injuries, both in rehabilitation and prevention

  • Manage pain

  • Retrain and strengthen posture and control

  • Pre and post natal exercise and recovery

Our rehab studio is equipped with a whole range of pilates equipment including reformers, trapeze and wunda chair.  Clinical pilates provided by a physiotherapist can be claimed on private health insurance or third party claims (e.g. Work Cover, TAC, DVA).

Functional Strength training:

Functional strengthening refers to a strength program that is designed to help improve your ability to complete your day to day goals.  This may include the ability to lift loads overhead, to walk and stand throughout the whole day, to complete manual labour jobs or to simply get out of a chair. We use equipment such as free weights, smith machine, resistance bands and body weight exercises to load your program safely to build muscle, control and support for your joints.




Stephanie graduated from La Trobe University in 2011 and is both a physiotherapist and DMA trained Pilates instructor with an experienced background as a Checetti method


As a long term dancer herself, she understands the importance of correcting compensatory movement patterns, often adopted by those with injuries, before they become a long term problem. She puts a key focus towards looking at the body holistically whether it be general posture, injury management or pre/post natal.


Stephanie has worked locally and nationally with a variety of different sports including local football clubs, dance groups, netball and cross fit. Internationally she has toured Canada and the United States with a dance ensemble and has spent the last 2 years working in the private sector in London.


Stephanie is available for hands on physiotherapy appointment at the clinic or pilates appointments at the studio.

Huey, Physiotherapist at In Stride Health Clinic
LOUISE HATELEY Director and Physiotherapist  Physiotherapist at In Stride Health Clinic


Louise has been working as a physiotherapist for over 20 years. Throughout the early stages of her career, she used her profession to experience a wide scope of health settings ranging from working with a predominantly remote aboriginal client base in the Physiotherapy Rehabilitation Centre at the Royal Darwin Hospital, through to spending several years as a physiotherapist at the National Sports Centre in London where she worked with elite athletes including the British Diving Team and London Towers basketball teams. 

Louise has always been a runner and a fitness enthusiast herself, and her passion in her career was the ability to use her skills and knowledge to help her clients reach their full potential and achieve their goals.  After settling in Ascot Vale and having three children of her own, Louise’s professional focus switched to helping women maintain fitness and health throughout the journey of pregnancy and motherhood.  She moved into Womens Health Physiotherapy and Pelvic Floor management with an emphasis on rehabilitating women following pregnancy and birth using pilates, exercise and pelvic floor strengthening.  


She is passionate about increasing “womens health talk” and normalising these discussions about issues such as prolapse and incontinence so that women don’t have to feel that they need to hide something that affects most women and can be treated.

Lou also runs our GLA:D exercise groups, which is a program designed to help people with Osteoarthritis to reduce pain and improve functions. She is passionate about women's health at all stages and uses this to guide the team to deliver excellent service.

Hui Le (or Huey) completed his Doctor of Physiotherapy at the University of Melbourne. He previously has obtained a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Human Structure and Function. Hui Le has done additional training in dry needling.

With a keen passion for musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, Hui Le is a strong believer in a combination approach of hands-on manual therapy, education, evidence-based management, and a large focus on client-tailored exercise prescription. In addition to working at the clinic, Hui Le has been and continues to be involved with local footy teams.

In his downtime, Hui Le enjoys doing all things active including weight training, playing basketball and exploring the outdoors. Hui Le loves travelling and is fascinated by different cultures - he wishes to finally visit Europe in the next few years.  As a Malaysian-born Chinese, he also speaks fluent Mandarin Chinese.

Hui Le offers hands on physiotherapy, clinical pilates, hydrotherapy and exercise based rehabilitation at In Stride.  He is available most weekdays and Saturday mornings.

Brooke Burgoyne, Physiotherapist at Instride Health Clinic


Brooke completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2011 at LaTrobe University. Since then she has worked in private practice both in Melbourne and Ballarat treating numerous musculoskeletal injuries across a diverse range of clients including local sports teams. 


Brooke has also completed extra training in Pilates and Hydrotherapy. She also completed her training as a GLA:D Physiotherapist in 2018. Brooke is passionate about using a combination of hands-on techniques, exercise and education to achieve client outcomes. 


Brooke has a special interest in neck/back pain as well as sports injuries, women's health, and injury prevention. Her interest in women’s health has increased since becoming a mother in 2019.

Outside of work Brooke enjoys keeping fit by running and going hiking when she can. She also gets plenty of exercise chasing her two little ones around.  

NAOMI CRAWFORD, Physiotherapist at Instride Health Clinic

Naomi graduated from La Trobe University's Master of Physiotherapy Practice after completing her Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science at Deakin University. She has a keen interest in the prevention of and recurrence of injury, which developed after she was plagued with recurrent shoulder problems while working as a barista for the better part of a decade. She also has a particular interest in the role of mental health in return to work and return to sport after injury.

While studying at Deakin, Naomi developed a love of strength and conditioning and its role in injury rehabilitation, as well as exercise therapy in chronic disease management. She also previously taught yoga across three studios in her home town of Canberra, and effectively applies this experience in running Clinical Pilates group classes. Her passion lies in helping people move with intention and intuition to get them back to doing what they love, whatever that means to them. 

In her downtime, Naomi loves playing the drums, yelling for the Western Bulldogs in the AFL, and cuddling her cat, Bug. She primarily keeps active by lifting weights at the gym, but swears that this is the year she finally takes up running!

Naomi works full time hours at In Stride.  She is available for physiotherapy and clinical pilates most weekdays including out of hours and Saturday mornings.


In Stride Health Clinic

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Our clinic is based in Ascot Vale but we are located 2km from Moonee Ponds, 2km from Maribyrnong and 8km from Pascoe Vale, as well as welcoming clients from all surrounding suburbs.

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