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In Stride Health Clinic Service Update

Updated: Mar 5

Dear Clients

Thank you for your patience whilst we have been waiting for clarification on Government advice on how our business can operate in the Stage 4 restrictions.  In Stride Health Clinic supports the firm objective of restricting any non-essential movement within the community to help drive down the COVID-19 spread and ultimately save lives. 

A reminder that we are now consulting from only our rooms (2 new consultation rooms have been built) at Shop 2/100 Union Road, Ascot Vale and that Ascot Vale Leisure Centre is currently completely closed. 

We have had advice from our professional bodies and DHHS on Thursday 6/8/2020 about allied health services and can confirm:

  1. There are no restrictions on our Telehealth consultations and our online pilates classes.  We strongly encourage these options where possible and can easily guide you through our Telehealth service so you can consult your practitioner from home if your presentation is appropriate to do so.

  2. We can offer essential/critical physiotherapy, podiatry and dietetic services face to face without a doctors referral (early advice had been that you would need a doctors referral but that has been revoked). To ensure we are providing “essential” treatment during this time, we will be reviewing clients booked in to confirm they meet essential treatment criteria or will touch base with you to see if your appointment might be rescheduled safely or provided by Telehealth

  3. Essential care helps prevent a significant escalation or deterioration in your condition, is needed for maintaining your functional independence and ensures you don’t require a higher level of care such as hospital admission.

  4. We can perform work under current care plan arrangements such as plans endorsed by NDIS, WorkCover, TAC and DVA but will reschedule appointments if treatment is deemed non-essential in the six week period.

  5. At this stage, based on advice we have received, our Myotherapy and remedial massage service is not available during Stage 4 restrictions.

  6. Clinical pilates clients will also need to meet the above criteria to be able to attend face to face appointments.  We will continue these sessions for appropriate clients, however can also offer Telehealth consults to provide an individual program to ensure that you can continue exercises at home during this period of time. 

  7. It is ok for current clients or those with existing provider/client relationships living further than 5kms away to travel to our clinic.  However, we cannot take new clients that live further than 5kms away – they should seek treatment from their most local provider to minimise movement during this six week period.

  8. We have reduced our daily hours of business to ensure clients and staff are home before curfew.

If you are in pain/injured, suffer from a chronic disease that timely treatment prevents it worsening or getting complications from, have a condition significantly affecting your daily function or your doctor/specialist has referred you for treatment during this time, please do not delay your appointment.

We are working through the diary and contacting clients.  To help with this process, if you have an appointment booked with us during this lockdown period, can you please reply to this email and let us know which category you feel that you fall into:

1. I would like to continue my care using Telehealth and online exercise

2. I will manage independently through the coming lockdown and will be in touch should my condition worsen or I require further help/advise

3. I believe that I require ongoing care and I meet the requirement of face to face treatments.

4. I am not sure and I would like my practitioner to contact me to discuss.

Thank you for your support and cooperation during these restrictions.  We are very much looking forward to bouncing back on the other side with our full range of services.

Kath and Lou (Directors)

Instride Health Clinic & Instride Pilates Clinic contact information

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