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Welcome to the team Joel Martin

With Jacob Hislop leaving the In Stride team at the end of 2016 to head off on a traveling adventure, we're pleased to welcome our new physiotherapist Joel Martin.

Joel graduated with a Doctor of Physiotherapy from The University of Melbourne, and has since worked in private practice treating a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries. Prior to this, Joel completed his degree in Human Movement and further study in completion of an Honours thesis in movement analysis. From this background, Joel has experience in biomechanical analysis of walking and movement disorders at the Royal Children’s Hospital and continues to use these skills in everyday clinical practice.

Joel’s passion includes a wide range of treatment from sporting and running injuries and biomechanical modification, to restoring pain free movement to allow return to work or general life.

Joel is actively engaged in research, with articles published on physiotherapy treatment of hip osteoarthritis and lung cancer. From this Joel likes to use up to date research to treat and educate patients on the best physiotherapy treatment options.

Joel’s approach involves a combination of ‘hands-on’ treatment and movement-based rehabilitation, however he strongly believes that an active approach to rehabilitation is the key to optimal health and wellbeing.

Joel is now available for appointments and you can book online here.

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