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Balanced eating over Christmas. Written by Alice Mika, Dietitian

There are a few things that you can do to help support your nutritional intake and avoid any feelings of guilt. ⁠

Eat slowly and enjoy your meal – take your time to taste everything in your meal and really enjoy the different flavours. Give your body time to tell you that you’re full. ⁠

🚰 Water! – Try to ensure you’re sipping on water throughout meals or alternating alcoholic beverages with water. ⁠

🥦 Load up on vegetables – get veggies and salad onto your plate first and aim for a significant portion of your plate to be covered by them. ⁠

🥣 Store those leftovers – There are often leftovers from a big Christmas lunch or dinner, you don’t have to finish everything! Give yourself permission to stop eating when you feel full. ⁠

🏏 Get outside – aim to be active through the Christmas period, break out the backyard cricket or go for a walk with your family to keep moving. ⁠

Most importantly, focus on the time you spend with your family and friends. This will always be more important than the food that you eat. ⁠

⁠If you end up feeling a little bit too full, go easy on yourself, maybe have an afternoon nap, and take it a little slower at your next meal. ⁠

Our Dietitian Alice wishes you all an enjoyable and delicious Christmas. If you would like a Dietitian appointment in the new year, book online enquire at reception.

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