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Choosing the right Myotherapist for you

Updated: Mar 5

Written by Claudio Pirrone, BHSc. Myotherapist, In Stride Health Clinic (Ascot Vale)

A physiotherapist giving a client a deep tissue massage on the client's upper back

Introducing Claudio as your “Clinical Myotherapist”.

For a patient it can be daunting choosing which health-care professional will be best suited to tend to their needs. A Chiro? No wait, an Osteo. What about a Physio? A Myotherapist! Wait…. a Clinical Myotherapist?

I began my massage career in 2016 studying a certificate IV in Massage Therapy. I then progressed to a diploma in Remedial Massage followed by completing an advanced diploma in Myotherapy. Although I learned new important hands-on skills throughout these qualifications, I was not satisfied with the level of knowledge necessary to assess the root cause of the problem my clients were experiencing. I wanted to do more than just administrate a massage, cupping, or needling. I wanted to enable my clients to get better in the long-term. That’s when I discovered the Bachelor of Health Science in Clinical Myotherapy.

In a nutshell, Clinical Myotherapy differentiates itself from other Myotherapy qualifications by its focus on in-depth scientific underpinnings and its evidence-based approach to teching clinical practice.

This higher-level learning allows me to have a broader perspective of the clinical picture and enables me to apply the most effective treatment to be more focused for effective patient outcomes. Combining this knowledge with previously learned hands-on skills has really made me a better clinician and given me the tools to help many more people.

If you feel you would benefit from seeing a Clinical Myotherapist, you can do so by booking an initial 60 minute consultation with me either online or by calling our clinic & booking with one of our friendly reception staff.


Claudio aims to identify strategies and overcome barriers to ensure prompt recovery, no matter what challenges may arise. During a clinical myotherapy consultation with Claudio, he will always start with a detailed history to guide the assessment of the complaint and the creation of a plan. The session may include a combination of exercise-based interventions and manual therapy techniques, such as deep tissue massage techniques, fire cupping, dry needling, and joint mobilization. Claudio is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday morning.

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