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Foam rolling in Lockdown, Written by Dilani Warnakula, Physiotherapist

Foam Rolling in Lockdown - why I like to, and why you might like to join me.

Hello, hello, my favourite In Striders.

Sorry to get right into things, but if you’re anything like me, lockdown has been slowly sucking the optimism and general life-zest from your being. Like a reverse drip-feed— or a Jabba-The-Hut-esque tapeworm.

Even with a generous two hours to get it all done, any exercise beyond a brisk walk seems a bit too much to ask most days. And borderline ridiculous. What am I going to do? 10 star-jumps and a set of burpees on my living room floor? Please! I’m not a ninja warrior.

Maybe you are. Maybe you’re pounding out three HIIT-based workouts a week and are actually doing quite well in combatting the foggy-brained lead-footed state that lockdown would hold us all under otherwise. Well, good for you. (Seriously. Vigorous exercise is important in our routine and we actually need 1-2.5 hours of it every week. I’m trying.)

But you’ll excuse me if I opt for something a little gentler — something which warms me up and sets me at ease. Something which helps me to breathe and soothes my stresses, which coaxes strength from my muscles but synchronously relieves tension from them. Something which gifts me that familiar swell of endorphins, but without all the god-forsaken effort.

Enter: the Foam Roller.

This bolster-type roll made of foam is a tool for dynamic stretching and self-myofascial release (and currently available for purchase at In Stride Studio). Similar to massage or other forms of dynamic stretching, foam rolling is great for short-term relief (physical and psychological) and feels very very good.

Here are some evidence-backed ways in which foam rolling might benefit you:

- Ease muscle soreness

- Improve flexibility

- Assist performance recovery

- Ease symptoms of chronic pain

So if you need something a little gentle to ease into, or you need something a little gentler to complement your vigorous training, or if you need something a little gentle just because everything else about lockdown is feeling quite hard — join me for an online foam roller session.

Up until November, I’m running two online foam rolling classes a week.

Mondays at 5:30pm — Stretch & Mobility with Foam Roller (45min)

This is a low intensity class focusing on stretching and using the foam roller for self-massage. A portion of the class is dedicated to muscle activation, core strength and endurance type Mat-based exercises.

Ideal for: Those wanting to alleviate muscle tension or spinal stiffness; people working from home/desk; muscle recovery

Equipment: Mat, long foam roller and your beautiful selves

Fridays at 12:30pm — Matwork with Foam Roller (60min)

This class is a combination of stretching and self-massage using the foam roller, and mat-based muscle activation, strength and conditioning drawing from Pilates and functional training principles.

Ideal for: Those wanting to alleviate muscle tension or spinal stiffness; people working from home/desk; those wanting to maintain/improve full body strength and conditioning; muscle recovery

Equipment: Mat and long foam roller

Call us on 9372 8091 or visit our website at for more information about our foam rollers and online classes and new timetable.

*Lou is also running an online high intensity class for those of you that way inclined. Who knows, you may even see me ;)



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