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Updated: Mar 5

By Emily Mildren (Podiatrist)

A physiotherapist administering shock wave therapy on a foot

What is shock wave therapy?

Shockwave is a non-invasive therapy that sends non-electric shocks (‘soundwaves’) to the injured site or tissue that is now offered at In Stride Health Clinic (Ascot Vale).

The aim of shockwave is to reduce pain and promote tissue repair. The soundwaves are emitted at a high energy into the muscle to stimulate the body’s natural self-healing and accelerate the healing process. This occurs through improving blood circulation and promoting cell regeneration. A reduction in pain is accomplished through the waves ability to stimulate pain receptors which also decreases sensitivity.

Why might I need shockwave therapy?

Our podiatrists use shockwave therapy for arch/heel pain (plantar fasciitis) and achilles pain.

Plantar fasciitis is an injury to the plantar fascia muscle located on the bottom of your foot from your heel through to the arch. Common symptoms of plantar fascosis include:

· Stabbing pain in your heel and arch.

· First step pain when getting out of bed or getting up from resting.

· Pain after prolonged periods of standing or walking.

· After intense activity

Shockwave therapy is an effective form of treatment for plantar fasciitis. It may also be suitable if other treatments aren’t successful in decreasing pain levels.

What is involved?

Our podiatrists will assess your pain/injury and which treatment options are most suitable for you. This may include imaging (ultrasound) to check for tears which can be organised by our podiatrists. If you have shockwave therapy, it is recommended you have 5 – 10 treatments, usually spread out as one per week. Shockwave treatment can also be used in conjunction with other treatments we offer including exercises/stretches, strapping, orthotics and footwear recommendations.

Can I claim shockwave therapy on private health insurance?

Yes, depending on your Cover you may be able to claim both the shockwave therapy as well as the podiatry consultation.

Our podiatrists, Emily and Kath, are available for all your podiatry needs including consultation about shockwave therapy most weekdays and Saturday mornings. Book online via our website at or call 93728091 for an appointment.

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