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Telehealth is in full swing

Updated: Apr 15

Written by Aemilia Elliott, APA Sport & Exercise Physiotherapist

It has been great to see so many clients take up our Telehealth option recently. The team at In Stride have been working hard to adapt their consultation style to the unique environment of Telehealth and are seeing some great outcomes.

Whilst it has been a steep learning curve for all, we are proud to say we are getting on top of Telehealth and are enjoying empowering our clients to better health along the way.

The experience of Telehealth is a unique one and to compliment this uniqueness we have devised a system by which we can help you decide if Telehealth is right for you and your presenting condition. This involves our lovely reception team making sure you have all the right technology and know how to get started. Then you filling out a pre-consultation screening questionnaire which your clinician will review to ensure your condition is suitable to be treated via Telehealth.

Some of the things that our clinicians can help you with via Telehealth include:

- Education on your condition - such as Osteoarthritis

- Advice on office set up and exercise

- Diet advice - both general and condition specific

- Exercise prescription - to help with rehabilitation from an injury to keep you moving

- Triage of podiatry issues that may need face to face consultation

As of Monday the 20th April 2020 many rebates have been confirmed for Telehealth. The rebate can be claimed for physiotherapy, podiatry and dietetics services under the following schemes:


- Medicare (EPC)



- WorkSafe

- Numerous Private Health Insurers

To find out how much your private health insurer will cover, you will need to contact them directly and quote the item numbers 811/812 for physiotherapy and 301/302 for dietetics.

As a physiotherapist, I have found these consultations to be very beneficial for my clients and in many cases just as successful as a face to face consultation. The personal touches and individual attention is just as present as sitting across from each other in a clinical environment. In fact, the feedback we have received has been so positive that we we are planning on offering Telehealth as an ongoing service.

Ready to join us in the tech health space? Either book an appointment online or give the clinic a call on 9372 8091.

For further details on our Telehealth platform please read our previous post “Telehealth - has landed at In Stride!”

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