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A day in the life a team sports physio

Updated: Apr 15

A female physiotherapist adjusting a female patient's back on a portable table by the beach

Ever wondered what a sports physio does when they are working with a team? Our sports physiotherapist Aemilia has been helping out with the Australian Beach Ultimate Teams as they prepare for the 2019 Asia-Oceanic Beach Ultimate Championships.

I was first exposed to the world of Ultimate in 2012 in clinical practice. It was by complete chance that an Ultimate athlete fell into my diary. I was immediately intrigued by this unique sport and its rigorous demands. Ultimate is a fast non-contact team sport played with a flying disc (Frisbee). It combines elements of netball, touch football and grid-iron. Ultimate is the only IOC recognised self referred sport or ‘Spirit of the Game’, this means that player are responsible for adhering to and overseeing the rule themselves. So not only are these athletes super athletic, they are diplomatic and excellent communicators on field. Check out the AFDA website for more information.

Since then I have had the pleasure of treating athletes one on one, helping out at training camps and traveling to Japan and the UK with the Senior Womens National Team. Until this weekend I had not experienced Beach Ultimate, so it was with much interest, trepidation and excitement I headed down to Princes Pier in Port Melbourne to fill in as team Physiotherapist for the day.

The day looked something like this:

8.20am - race out the door, physio kit bag and portable massage table in hand

8.50am - arrived at Princes Pier and look around for the team

Ultimate teams are not too hard to spot, there are always discs (frisbees) lying around

9.00am - treat, tape, get to know the athletes and treat some more!

10.30am - get a feel for what else the team requires

11.00am - walk up to station Pier for the all important coffee refuel - as is always inevitable I returned to a queue of athletes wanting some treatment

12.30pm - lunch with the team - this is always fun and involves a lot of banter!

1.00pm - continuing treating the many and varying aliments

2.00pm - No rest for the wicked! Both teams are playing scrimmage matches against some Melbourne based clubs - time to become a videographer

4.00pm - Final treatment and taping session

4.30pm - feedback to coaching staff in regards to current player injury stats and potential areas to work on for athlete performance improvement

4.45pm - back up the beach and head home

The one thing I will say about covering or working with an Ultimate team is they are very warm and inviting. The athletes, coaches and support staff go out of their way to introduce you to the world of Ultimate and get to know you. It really is an extremely inclusive and community driven sport.

So no matter how crazy or diverse you think the sport is that you play or that you are striving to play always consider heading into see us at In Stride Health Clinic if you need some help with an injury or to optimise your performance. Physiotherapist are experts in human movement and will be able to assist you on your journey.

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