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Expecting a baby or have a new baby?

Updated: Apr 15

The Solidea Pregnancy and Recovery range will support you and minimise discomfort during pregnancy, recovery and beyond.

The Pregnancy range includes Pregnancy shorts, stockings and leggings with graduated medical compression in both sheer and opaque, whilst, the Recovery range includes high-waist Recovery shorts, Recovery leggings (full-length and capri) and the Abdominal Band.

During pregnancy women often suffer from low back pain, pelvic instability and varicose veins. Solidea Pregnancy shorts and stockings have a high waist and expandable tummy that grows with you and supports the weight of your growing baby. This takes pressure off the lower back and better supports the pelvic joints. For women that have swelling in their legs or varicose veins the graduated compression stockings will help minimise swelling and discomfort in your feet and legs.

Each garment has the amount of compression on the packaging. The Pregnancy stockings have graduated compression, meaning there is more compression in your feet and lower legs (away from your heart) than in your upper legs, which helps fluid movement. Compression ranges from 12-15mmHg to 18-21mmHg. Your Physiotherapist can help determine which garment will be best for you.

In the early postnatal period women benefit from compression under their pelvic floor and to support their abdominal wall (DRAM) and lower back. The Solidea Recovery range is suitable following both vaginal and Caesarean deliveries. Compression and support not only helps your initial recovery but also ensures you are better able to care for your growing baby. The Recovery leggings are the perfect choice as you return to exercise.

The Solidea Maternity range provides support and compression without compromising the integrity or thickness of the material. When pregnant and lactating women have a higher metabolism and elevated body temperature. Each garment is made from breathable material that minimises perspiration and prevents odours developing. Made in Italy, Solidea is sold around the world. Each garment is quality tested before leaving the factory so you can be sure you are getting what you paid for.

The Solidea Pregnancy and Recovery range provides better support, comfort and fit at a fraction of the price.

Drop into the clinic to see our full range of pregnancy support wear.

Image of a pregnant woman wearing tights

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