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Pregnancy Massage

Updated: Apr 15

Image of a pregnant belly

Massage for mums to be

We all know that the body goes through some pretty dramatic changes during pregnancy, the process of creating a whole new human inside you is a pretty big one! It’s very common for women during pregnancy to experience discomfort in their body during this time of physical change and a prenatal massage is a great way of ensuring you stay feeling good throughout those exciting 9 months.

Many pregnant women feel tension in the lower back, hips and legs as their pregnancy moves through the second and third trimester. A massage therapist can sooth those tired and tight muscles using a gentle trigger point treatment and other massage techniques. Massage will help improve circulation through the body, aiding your lymphatic system (responsible for strong immunity and also fluid retention – swollen feet anyone?) and muscle health.

A pregnancy massage is generally a lighter form of massage when compared with remedial or deep tissue styles. Using firm but gentle pressure is known to relax the body and calm the mind, helping with anxiety, improving overall mood and helping you sleep better.

Treatments can be done using a special pregnancy cushion available here at In Stride Health Clinic, giving you the option to lie on your front without placing any pressure on your belly, or in a side lying position. Many women love the pregnancy pillow and being able to lie in this position for their treatment, especially tummy sleepers!

Your pregnancy massage will be tailored to your needs and will treat the areas you would like treated. I have treated many pregnant women throughout their pregnancies during my work as a remedial massage therapist and myotherapist. It is such an exciting time and massage is the perfect way of making sure you’re feeling great in your body throughout the journey.


Jenna graduated in her Advanced Diploma of Myotherapy from RMIT. She uses musculoskeletal assessment procedures and an in-depth knowledge of the human body to help restore clients to full functioning and pain free movement. With a focus on the breath and treating through muscular full muscular range, Jenna’s treatments are effective and incorporate a range of modalities, including cupping, stretching and dry needling where appropriate. ​ Jen's approach is tailored to your needs and she sees a client base that includes athletes, pregnant women, people with soft tissue injuries and individuals who just want a good massage! She’s driven and committed to her clients’ health as well as her learning and professional development as a practitioner. ​ Jen is always striving for the perfect balance between work, rest and play. When she’s not in clinic she loves going for long walks with her fur baby, making art, gardening and cooking good food.

Jenna and our great team of massage therapists and myotherapists are conveniently available six days a week including after hours and weekend options.

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