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Improving your golf swing with Physiotherapy

Updated: Apr 15

Image of a man playing golf on a sunny day

Can In Stride Health Clinic improve your golf swing?

Yes, we can!

With most sports, improving strength, flexibility and performing regular training are all important to improve at any level. Golf is no different, however it is often overlooked when considering strength training. Golf-specific exercise routines can not only reduce future injuries and keep you playing longer but can also improve your golf swing and your ultimately game.

How In Stride Health Clinic can help you

A study looking at the effect of a 5-week warm-up program* for everyday golfers found that swing speed increased and performance significantly improved compared to players who had no warm-up or strength training. Further to this, performance was maintained after seven weeks when specific exercises were prescribed.

Seeing a physiotherapist at In Stride Health Clinic is a great start, and in your first session we may review:

  • Swing technique

  • Areas of decreased flexibility

  • Grip position

  • Arm/back and leg strength specific for golf

Golf specific exercises

Your physio at In Stride Health Clinic will prescribe exercises specific to you, these may take five minutes to complete prior to your weekly game as well as home-based exercises to build up body strength. This won’t necessarily require you to join a gym, however if you have a current program they can be tailored to improve your game.

Physiotherapists commonly treat people complaining of back, shoulder and elbow injury’s after playing a simple round of golf, this may be caused by or include:

  • A recent increase in golf

  • Changing clubs/bag weight etc

  • Recent trauma/accident i.e. swing to hard!

  • Or a prior injury

Get an assessment

Often players are reluctant to seek help and hope the problem will go away, unfortunately a lot of people often wait too long. The solution to most issues is commonly simple and improvement can commence from day one after seeking assessment from a physiotherapist. This is also a great opportunity to discuss an exercise program to reduce future injuries.

Make an appointment to see the one of the friendly, experienced physio’s at In Stride Health Clinic to review any pain, niggles or golfing injuries, or to improve your strength today. We offer before and after hours appointments and are conveniently located within the Ascot Vale Leisure Centre.


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Joel Martin, Physiotherapist

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