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Tradies: Let's talk work boots & injuries...

August is Tradies month! Lets talk about work boots and injury at work!

Being a Tradie is hard and physical work. It’s not uncommon for individuals to experience pain in their feet, backs and legs often leading to time off work. To decrease your risk of sustaining work place injuries, it is important to be educated in preventative measures in order to keep yourself safe and healthy.

Poorly fitting work boots, long periods of standing and repetitive motions can lead to problems such as; ingrown toe nails, arch pain, knee pain, hard calloused skin and heel pain.

Selecting the correct boot for your foot;

  • Don’t be afraid to pick up the boot and give it a good twist. The shoe should move, but not fold in half. Think about where your foot bends, the boot should bend in the same place.

  • Ensure that the heel of the boot is nice and firm, press on the back of the boot at the heel to ensure that it doesn't fold in.

  • A boot with laces is generally the best option, as it can be adjusted to the foot so the fit is nice and snug. Often you can find work boots that come with both laces and a zip, this is fine as long as you can re-adjust the fit.

  • The shoe should have good cushioning and shock absorption. This is something you should discuss with the sales assistant, often different models and brands have different levels of cushioning.

  • You should always have your shoes fitted and your foot measured at the store.

If you are unsure if the boot you have selected is appropriate for your feet have them checked by a podiatrist, do this before you wear them so that they can be exchanged if needed.

There are also some simple things you can do whilst at work to help decrease your injury risk;

  • Some people may be required to wear an insole or orthotic to support their foot and correct any excessive movement occurring. These should always be issued and fitted by your podiatrist.

  • It is important to change your stance regularly. Standing in one position for an extended period of time places strain on the joints, make sure you move around frequently, changing your stance.

  • Mix it up, try not to do repetitive movements all day long. Twisting movements can be especially damaging.

If you have foot pain or concerns, or just want more information about footwear, book an appointment online with Georgia here.

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